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(6) Turn signal light–The main turn signal lightis generally installed on the left and right sides of the car’s head and tail to indicate the vehicle’s driving status. The side of the car is equipped with side turn signals. The main turn signal power is generally 20-25W, the side turn signal is 5W. When the car is turning, the light will be flickering, the frequency is specified as 1.sic.5HZ, and the response time is not more than 1.5s. When other vehicles need to be careful to avoid the emergency situation, all the turn signals can be turned on and flashed at the same time by using the hazard light function.

(7) Indicator lightsare installed on the front, back, and sides of the car. When the headlights are turn on, the indicator lights, instrument lighting and license plate lights are illuminated at the same time to mark the vehicle’s Shape and position. The power is generally 5-20W. The front indicator light is commonly white or yellow. The rear indicator light is commonly called a tail light, and the light color is red. The side light is amber.

(8) Positioning lights are commonly known as corner lights. Vehicles with a height of 3m or above should be installed with position lights to indicate the vehicle outline. The power of the positioning lightis generally 5W.

(9) The parking lightsare installed on the front and rear sides of the vehicle. It is required that the light signal can be confirmed from 150m away from the front and rear of the vehicle. When parking at night, turn on the parking lights to mark the vehicle shape.

(10) Warning lightis generally installed on the top of the car, used to mark the special type of vehicle, the power is generally 40-45W. Fire trucks and police cars are red, ambulances are blue, and the rotation speed is 2 to 6 times per second; buses and taxis are white and yellow. The taxi empty car indicator light is installed on the dashboard, the power is 5-15W, and the light color is red and white.

(11) Daytime running lights are daytime running lights installed at the front of the vehicle body. They are lamps that make it easier for people to recognize when driving in the daytime. It is not designed to make the driver see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming. So this kind of lamp is not a lighting lamp, but a kind of signal lamp. Of course, the addition of daytime running lights can make cars look cooler and more dazzling, but the biggest effect of daytime running lights is not to look good, but to provide the vehicle’s legibility.

European motor vehicle daytime running lights were mandatory before 2011,

LED will be more widely used in automobiles.