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What are the types of exterior car lights?

Common exterior lights are: headlights, fog lights, license plate lights, reversing lights, brake lights, turn lights, position lights, parking lights, warning lights and daytime running lights.

What is special about the use of car light colors?

The light colors of external lights are generally white, orange yellow and red; vehicles performing special tasks, such as fire engines, police cars, ambulances, and emergency repair vehicles, use red, yellow, or blue flashing warning lights with priority to pass.

Motor vehicles should participate in safety inspections and comprehensive inspections on time to ensure that the external lighting is complete and effective.

Here are the types of exterior car lights

(1) The front driving lightis commonly called headlight, which is installed on both sides of the head of the car to illuminate the road ahead. The high beams of the headlight are generally 40-60W, and low beams are generally 35-55W.

(2) Thefog light is installed on the head or tail of the car. It can be used to improve the lighting of the road in front of the car in fog, snow, heavy rain or dust. The power of the front fog light is 45-55W, and the light color is orange-yellow. The power of the rear fog light is 21W or 6W, and the light color is red in order to warn the vehicles behind to maintain a safe distance.

(3) Thelicense plate lights are installed above or at the left and right sides of the license plate at the rear of the car. They are used to illuminate the rear license plate. The license plate light power is generally 5-10W.

(4) The backup light, also called reverse light,is installed at the rear of the car. When the transmission is in reverse gear, it automatically lights up and illuminates the rear side of the car. At the same time, it warns pedestrians in the rear to pay attention to safety. The power is generally 20-25W, and the light color is white.

(5) Brake lightsare installed in the rear of the car. When the brake pedal is depressed, a strong red light is emitted to indicate braking. The power is 20-25W, and the light color is red. In order to avoid the danger of a large car colliding with a car, the rear window of the car can be equipped with high-level brake lights displayed in rows.

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What are the types of exterior car lights