What is LED strip light?

LED strip light, also known as LED ambient light, is a kind of LED light. Except using for automobiles, it is also a perfect choice for theme parks, hotels, homes, exhibitions, commerce, and artistic lighting to create the atmosphere that people need. Among them, the car culture is becoming more and more mature, and people’s requirements for cars are not only a means of transportation. Advanced car life has gradually become a public demand.

By now, some of you might wonder, is it legal to install LED strip light/ambient light for my vehicle?

First of all, LED strip lights can be applied to different parts of the vehicle, such as headlight, car trunk, car dash, car wheel etc. In short , LED strip lights can be applied to car interior and car exterior. If you installed for car interior, then you’re good to go, however, if you install for car exterior, you might want to check the traffic law first. The traffic law is verified state by state, so we can’t give you a straight answer.

In this article, we will focus on the LED ambient light for car interior. So what does this interior car light can do for us?

  • From the new definition of the car’s interior atmosphere, the range of lights and colors give the interior more keywords, whether it is luxurious, warm, sporty, or technological.
  • The atmosphere light emphasizes and sets off the interior decoration of the car, strengthens the overall modeling lines and profiles, makes the overall interior more three-dimensional, expands the interior space visually, and guides the owner to explore every detail in the car.
  • Completely change the state of the car interior at night, so that the car brand has night recognition.

Famous Brand like Rolls-Royce,BMW, Mercedes, they have made stunning interior car light or so called mood light for the customers.

BTW, exterior car light such as underglow lights and tailgate light, it can make the vehicle more visible at night. Common underglow lights are made of LED strips.

If you’re looking for smart LED strips, please contact us for more information. We can custom the strip lights with App control to your unique requirements.

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