Terms & Definitions about Car Lights

Do I need DOT standard car lights?What does 6500K mean?What can DRL do?Find the answers to common terms and definitions for headlights, as follows.

A focused, long-range spread of light for focused illumination.

Color Temperature

A characteristic of visible light measured in units of absolute temperature on the Kelvin scale. A higher color temperature that more closely resembles a daytime sunlight (6,500 K) will cause less user fatigue than a light that produces light resembling dusk or dawn (2,500 K).


DRL stands for daytime running light.Headlights with DRL will automatically switch on the day time running light when the vehicle is under operating, which increase the visibility of the vehicle during daylight conditions.


ECE stands for the Economic Commission for Europe, which is established under the United Nations, has built systematic regular standards for automotive design with vehicular lighting included.

Your lights need to be compliant in the in the European countries that adopted ECE regulations for visibility and durability.


DOT stands for the Department of Transportation. Car lights of DOT-compliant means that the lighting meets the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), which regulate all vehicle lighting, signal lights and reflective devices in the US.

To ensure the safety of peoples on the roads, your lights need to be federally compliant in the US, meeting the DOT lighting standards for visibility, durability and reliability.