Just as a famous saying “A single thread can’t make a cord,nor a single tree a forest”, In order to  enhance the team collaboration capabilities among various departments of the enterprise, Qeedon started the team building for two days in Nanao Music Inn, Jiaochangwei, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on June 07, 2020.


Think-Tank Commendation Conference

Team building

We begin with The “Think Tank” commendation .

From March 2019 to May 2020, a total of 343 proposals were made by all employees, and excellent work results were achieved. These achievements also set a new benchmark for other departments of the company.

We will work together as always to continuously optimize the company’s standardized construction and promote the company’s healthy and stable development for a long time and strongly.


Find Out Your Beauty

In fact, you will find that the beauty that often appears in life and work is in every casual moment of all of us.

These beautiful moments require us to carefully observe and attentively experience. As long as we all pay more attention in life and work, you will find that there are too much warmth and all kinds of goodness in life and work waiting for us to discover with heart.

Therefore, we must carefully understand the “love” around us and develop the “warmth” that is good at discovering other people, so that everyone will experience joy in life and work.

Team work-Find Out Your Beauty

Behavior Assessment

We divided the members into three groups. The three groups were: “Wolf Warrior”, “Veyron”, and “Ogili”.

Discussions were held on the four themes of “activeness, responsibility, execution, and listening ability”. And express a strong opinion.

According to the actual case in the work of each topic, it is divided into multiple levels, and the level of behavior in each topic must be fully understood.

In the process of elaborating these issues, self-assessment, self-knowledge, and continuous self-improvement.


Clear Partner System And Enjoy Company Dividends

The partner mechanism of Qeedon Technology is to give “excellent management and technical talents, and give enough platforms to show themselves” to upgrade the interest community to a business community, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, glow for the company, and work tirelessly for the cause!

Team Building-Clear Partner System And Enjoy Company Dividends


Werewolf Killing And Mine Clearance

enhance the team collaboration

Candlelight Dinner, Seafood Dinner, Farmhouse

Unity of goals and ideas are our direction,firm confidence and cohesion are our motivation,we will go all out and move forward! Fighting!