Quality headlights are very important when it comes to driving at night, that’s why the regulations are extremely strict in most countries. People can’t have an ease of mind when they drive too fast at night as they don’t have wide and far enough vision of what’s coming. Others may have their light bulb burnt out. These are the two major reasons that people want to change to their headlights. This is the right thing to do.In general,You should change the headlights once a year if you use halogen light and Xenon headlight 3 years a time due to light depreciation.

What are the differences between projector headlight and reflector headlight ?

Based on the light distribution, there are two types of headlight in the market: reflector headlight and projector headlight. Reflector headlights often equip with a steel bowl (or reflector) to achieve better light outputs. We usually electroplate the steel bowl by using material such as aluminum, chrome, silver or even gold. The lights that come from the reflector headlight will be reflected onto the road through the steel bowl. The downside about this is that the lights often being scattered too much and cause light waste.

On the other hand, the projector headlights are similar to reflector headlights except they have an additional lens. With this lens, the lights come from the projector headlight bulb can be guided through and hit toward the road more focus, hence the lens also known as condenser lens. Between the lens and the reflector, there’s a shield to block a part of the light so it won’t blind the oncoming traffic. The great thing about the projector headlight is they can provide brighter and even light yet cause less light waste. Also the projector headlight can be designed in various light patterns and colors.

Apparently, the projector headlights are better than reflector headlights after the comparison. However, one thing bears mentioning is that if you’re using HID / Xenon headlights, don’t use reflector housing, otherwise the light will be insane bright and likely to blind the other drivers.

Is there any good projector headlight recommendation?

If you are looking for projector headlights, Qeedon Headlights would be ideal. These headlights are street legal with DOT & ECE approved. The advantages of Qeedon lights are below:

  • Long lifespan over 30,000 hrs;
  • Provide even light distribution and fast heat dissipation;
  • IP 67 Waterproof and shockproof, can be used under various extreme condition;
  • Provide more bright light with less power consumption


Moreover, if you’re a car person and always want to drive in style, Qeedon lights can different light patterns that can attract everyone’s attention.

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