Carbon Table Desk For Tesla Model 3 Y Multifunctional car table board

Product name: Multifunctional car table board
Model: Compatible with all model years between 2023-2017
Model 3 & Y
Design: Anti-slip groove design
Special Feature:
Weight: 1.65kg
Number Of Pieces: 1
Included Components: 1
Custom Fit: Simple to install and easy to clean.
Material High Density Fiberboard
Product Description

Tesla Computer Desk Carbon Table Desk For Tesla Model 3 Y

Multifunctional car table board

Office Dining | Portable Travel | Folding Storage

Common for main and co-pilot

Do both in the office and chasing dramas

The main and co-pilot seats can be used at the same time, office and leisure do

not interfere with each other, and seize (pass) leisure time

carbon fiber texture

high-density fiberboard

Brand new engraving and polishing technology, with clear texture and double the texture.

Exclusive carbon fiber texture for high-end sports cars

Strong load-bearing capacity

Not bad or deformed under heavy pressure

16L bottled water, not bad under heavy pressure, thick and heavy table board, strong bearing capacity, durable

Weight about 1.65kg

lighter than a notebook

Lightweight and feel good, from thin to light, easy to carry and not bulky 180° quick fold, easy to store, store at will

Easy to store and fold without taking up space

Exquisite folding design, light and durable material, small area, easy to carry in the car, easy to use, and portable

In-car entertainment

Various scene switching

Provide convenience for travel and pass the boring time in the car

Original car data mold opening rounded fit

The original car 3D scanning data is used to open the mold, and the special car is more worry-free

Anti-slip groove design

Reasonable partition

There is a groove about 18cm long and a water cup groove with a diameter of 7cm on the table top, so that items

can be placed in an orderly manner and prevent items from sliding

Unique craftsmanship

Firm and durable installation

The back is fixed with 304 stainless steel loose-leaf and steel nails to make the structure more stable and firmer


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