Tesla Model Y Model 3 Center Console Cup Holder Insert ONLY FIT New Console

Product name: Tesla Model 3 Y Floor Mats
Model: Compatible with all model years between 2023-2017
Model 3 & Y
Function: Anti Slip
Special Feature:
‎Premium Quality Material and Durable
MOQ: 1 Set
No. of Mats: 5pcs
Color: Beige
Custom Fit: Simple to install and easy to clean.
Material TPR and, PET
Product Description

Tesla Cup Holder Insert For Model 3 & Y

Drinks Stay in Place: This cup holder fits Tesla Model 3 / Model Y 2021 2022 2023. It is made of high-quality TPE, environmentally friendly, odorless, durable, and more convenient to use.

Keep Your Car Tidy and Clean: If you want to keep your original cup holder tidy and clean ( even on the bumpy road), It has customized a molded interior space to hold water bottles, cans, and regular cups in a stable condition while you drive.

Seamless Fitting Cup Holder: According to the original car center console, the mold is made, and two springs are used to push two small splints to clamp the objects to fill the holes in the middle. The layout is more suitable and effectively prevents the water cup from shaking during driving or braking.

High Quality and Perfect Match: After the water bottle is placed, fits closely to the original center console; it has the function of retracting and extending, which can effectively eliminate the abnormal sound of the water cup shaking; it anti-skid and shock absorption; Can be used as a small trash can.

Easy to Install & Remove: The TPE material is soft and tough making it easier to remove, clean, and install. Say goodbye to difficult-to-remove crumbs or sticky substances. Just take it out, wash and reinstall it, and it will as good as new.

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