Tesla Model 3 Y Camping Mattress Portable Foldable Memory

Product name: Tesla Camping Mattress
Model:  For Tesla Model 3 Y
Model 3 & Y
Mounting Type: Removable Foldable
Special Feature:
‎Space Memory Foam
Outdoor Activities: Backcountry Camping, Road Trips, and Car Camping.
Number Of Pieces: 1
Included Components: 1
Custom Fit: Simple to install and easy to clean.
Material Thickened flocking high-grade PVC material
Product Description

Tesla Camping Accessories  Portable Foldable Memory

【Customized Model Y】The car camping mattress for the Tesla Model Y matches the shape of the Y’s trunk floor. Perfect for backcountry camping, road trips, and car camping. The mattress sheet is provided.

【Soft and Comfortable Materials】Thickened flocking high-grade PVC material. Soft touch, safe to the environment, tasteless, thick, and stable to pressure and impact. It’s very easy to clean as it’s detachable.

【Space Memory Foam】3~5 seconds slow rebound memory cotton, according to the body sleeping position change automatically deforms to fill the gap, effectively dissolving the pressure of the body, giving the feeling of your home.

【Fits Subtrunk/Frunk】Foldable in the storage bag, with built-in fastening clips & straps, easy to pack and fit the sub-trunk or frunk, very space-saving compared to the traditional roll-up mattress.

【All Night Warm】Sleep soundly on this flocked-top mattress, warm, comfortable, and breathable, perfect for all seasons. This air mattress is made to keep you cozy through all of life’s adventures, so you won’t ever want to leave it behind.


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