Model 3/Y/X/S Full Door Noise Reduction And Sound Insulation Sealing Strip

Product name: Sound Insulation Sealing Strip
Model: Tesla Model 3 Y X
Item Weight:
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.31 x 1.1 inches
Recommended Uses For Product:
‎‎‎Car, Door,Roof, Window
Special Features: Sealing & reduce noise
Item Weight: 0.5kg
Color: Black
Country of Origin: ‎China
Material EPDM foam hollow rubber
Product Description

Model 3/Y/X/S Full Door seal kit Door Noise Reduction And Sound Insulation Sealing Strip

Custom-designed: The Rubber Seal Strip has been custom-cut specifically for ANY model. Drastically reduces wind noise from entering the cabin along with other outside noises. Fits all Models S/X/3/Y.

Premium Material: Made from EPDM expandable hollowed sponge rubber. Flexible, waterproof, and good resistance to heat & cold.

Easy to install: Clean the door’s edge, and wipe the adhesion promoter on the surface. Pull off the sticker’s red protective backing of the seal. Hard press to ensure it can be installed firmly. It’s easy.

Reduce Noise: Enhance the tightness of the door, Sound insulation, and noise reduction, optimize engine compartment cooling airflow, Improve the cooling effect of the air conditioner in the cab, and reduce driving wind noise. and provides a quiet driving environment.

The Package Contains:

1 * left front door strip,
1 * right front door strip,
1 * left rear door strip,
1 * right rear door strip,
2 * A-pillar strip,
2 * B-pillar strip,
1 * The front cover of a car strip,
1 * The trunk of a car strip.


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