Carbon Fiber LED 130cm 12V Warning Rear Car Spoiler Light | Tailgate LED Strip Light

Product name: Warning Rear Car Spoiler Light
Light color:  Red
Voltage: 12V
Waterproof Level:
IP 67
Warranty: 12 Months
Size: 130cm / 51 inches
Type: Trailer Tail Light
Lifespan: 50000+ Hours
Special Features: LED Rear spoiler light
Materials: Carbon fiber+LED+PVC
Product Description

1. The brightness can improve driving safety in any bad weather, and reduce the occurrence of accidents.
2, As the car’s rear wing improves the stability of the airline, improves the cool appearance of the car during the day.
3, Tailgate strip light as the warning light for safe driving at night.
4. Uses brand LED and energy-saving carbon fiber and has a longer service life.
5. Wiring installed without damage, independent controller, stable performance
6, IP67, 100% waterproof, and no leakage.

How to install
1. Test fit your LED spoiler first before any final installation.
2. Clean the surface where you will mount the LED spoiler with isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth to ensure a firm and durable fit. (Failure to do so can lead to the poor mounting surface and improper mounting.)
3. Rub the mounting area with the included adhesive backing and allow it to dry for 15 seconds.
4. Firmly press the LED spoiler into the bracket and hold for 3 seconds.
5. Turn on the LED spoiler and find the corresponding wiring for your vehicle.


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