K1 RGBW Change LED Headlights Cars | App Control

Control: App  Control
Voltage: 12V
High beam:40W
Low beam: 20W DRL:6W
Raw Lumen Output: 4500 (High Beam) 2100 (Low Beam)
Effective Lumen Output:
2700 (High Beam) 1500 (Low Beam)
Lifespan: 50000+ Hours
Warranty: 12 Months
Optical Lens Material Low Beam: PMMA High Beam: PC
Outer Lens Material Polycarbonate/PC
Product Description

K1 RGBW Change LED Car Headlight Retrofit Kit for JEEP 

If you’ve been looking for color-changing headlights with app control, QEEDON’s line of Multi-Colors Change headlight lights is just what you’ve been dreaming of. With our HIGLOW official app, you’ll have so many ways to switch up the look of your new color-changing LED headlights-Or as the latest breakthrough for your next custom vehicle OEM project. Optimize functionality and cost savings by combining multiple lighting functions into a single LED headlight.


Color mode:
This mode allows you to directly control the colors of your QEEDON LED headlights. In this mode, you have unlimited color options to choose from, as well as preset color options to make choosing a color easy.

Fade mode:
Fade mode allows you to phase in and out of multiple colors. In this mode, you have control over the speed of the fade, as well as either preset or custom controls to set what colors your LED car headlights will phase between.

Sound activation mode:
Through this mode, you can control the look of your lights with whatever music you’re listening to. It’s the perfect way to set the perfect, solid tone for your ride.

Strobe mode:
Use the strobe mode feature to get a strobe-light effect through your headlights, with a variety of strobe color options to choose from.

Car Fitment Model Year


Wrangler 1998-2007
2007-2010, 2010-2016, 1998-2007, 2016-2018, 2011-2016, 2010-2016, 2007-2016, 1996-2007, 2002-2007, 2006-2008, 2017-2019,2018-2019
Wrangler II 1996-2007
Wrangler III, WranglerJL, Wrangler IV, Wrangler II, Wrangler 2007-2016
Wrangler IV 2017-2019
WranglerJL 2018-2019

Multi-Colors Change led headlights for carsMulti-Colors Change led headlights for carsMulti-Colors Change led headlights for cars
Multi-Colors Change led headlights for cars
Multi-Colors Change led headlights for cars Multi-Colors Change led headlights for cars Multi-Colors Change led headlights for cars


Improve your JEPP’s visibility and make a bold statement with the creative design of our color-changing led headlights.We are fully capable of customizing LED car headlights designs and molds to meet your business requirements.Grow your business with an OE manufacturer right here.

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