Voice-activated Music with Lights on Roof of Car

Product Size: 40*40*20mm
Voltage: 5V
Laser Power: 100mw
Wire Length:
Light Color: Red
Waterproof rate: IPX4
Certification: CE & FCC
Warranty: 12 Months
Working Temperature: -20°C – 70℉
Material: Aluminum
Product Description

Voice-activated Music LED Star Roof Light for Car


1. Cover the entire car roof, Bright lighting to create a warm atmosphere
2. USB charging, Portable, and easy to install.
3. Auto-switch light patterns, Change different patterns and shapes. The bright Starry effect creates a romantic atmosphere for your car roof or house, and can also be used to decorate birthdays or holiday parties.
4. The fun roof light can be used as a night light, room decoration, car decoration, USB night light power supply, and charging via USB interface.

Breathing: Starlight laser lamp will keep on brightness to darkness.
Scintillation: After startup, the starlight lamp will exchange from slow-flashing to explosion-flashing.
Sound control: Starlight lamp will follow the rhythm of the music to flash, if there is no music, the starlight lamp will not work.

QEEDON Car Roof Interior Lights  OEM/ODM

Our Voice-Activated Music Car Roof Interior Light (or car roof light) is the most of way to decorate your car. The car roof LED light comes in bright, vibrant colors. light up your car today! QEEDON factory can accept all kinds of custom car roof lights we are always developing innovative car lights, so whether you have OEM or ODM needs. We can develop a custom solution for you. Welcome to the future!

Voice-Activated Music Car Roof Interior Light
Voice-Activated Music Car Roof Interior Light
Voice-Activated Music Car Roof Interior Light

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