RGBW Starry Sky car roof lights stars Ceiling Light Ambient Lamp

Light Source: Twinkle RGBW Fiber Optic Light
Feature: Twinkle
Power: 16w
Light Color: RGBW
Light source device size: L84*W84*H42mm
Fiber head inner diameter: 22mm
Remote: Bluetooth APP/RF controller
Remoter dimension:  L85× W52 × H7mm
Material: Aluminum
Product Description

16W Twinkle Car LED Star Ceiling Light Starry Sky Bluetooth APP Fiber Optic Auto Car Interior Roof star rgb Atmosphere Lamp 


1.DC12V Voltage, Ceiling star can make your car romantic and unique, comparable to the top luxury cars, but requires some practical ability.
2. Have Music mode,28-key multi-function remote control, easy to use.
3. It uses RGBW lamp beads, and has pure white, the most suitable for the stars.
4. High brightness, energy saving, long use life. The machine 2-year warranty and the seller bears the freight.
5. the  machine with the Twinkle function, gives you a Romantic starry sky effect


End glow Fiber Optic Cable Diameter of Fiber
1 200pcs*0.75mm*2M 0.75mm
2 300pcs*0.75mm*3M 0.75mm
3 250pcs*0.75mm*3M 0.75mm
4 450pcs*0.75mm*3M 0.75mm
5 550pcs*0.75mm*4M 0.75mm
6 Mixed 380*3M


7 Mixed 415*3M


8 Mixed 310*3M



Product Included

1×16W Twinkle APP Fiber Optic Light

1×28key RF Remote

1×end glow Fiber optic cable

1×power adapter

16W twinkle Smartphone APP Bluetooth Control:

1. Download the APP with your smartphone: My Smart LED

2. Both Android and Apple phones can scan the QR code below to download the APP.

3. If using an Android phone, please download the “My smartLED” in Google Play

4. If using an Apple phone, please download the “My smart LED” in the Apple Store

1.2 Connect a Bluetooth device

( 1 ) open the Bluetooth of the mobile phone(If the phone is an Android phone, you must

turn on mobile positioning)

(2) power on the lamp; then open the APP;

(3) at this time, the app will automatically connect to the Bluetooth light fixture. Don’t manually connect Bluetooth to this device in your phone settings.

Note: One mobile phone can connect and control multiple devices, but one device can

only be connected and controlled by one mobile phone at a time.

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