Car LED Hood Light Strip Dynamic Scan Start Up Hoodbeam Lights Strips

Item Type:  Dynamic Scan Start-Up LED Car Hood Light
Certification: CE
Voltage: 12V
Light Color:
Single Color
Waterproof: IP67
Light strip length:
120 cm / 150 cm / 180 cm
Lifespan: 30000+ Hours
Light type: Static Light & Flowing Turning
Warranty: 12 Months
Material: Silicone
Product Description

Car LED Hood Light Strip Dynamic Scan Start-Up LED Dynamic Light For Cars

  • 【Flow Light Start Up】When the car starts, the car hood led strip will display a very cool flowing light effect, scanning back and forth, and will maintain a constant bright light effect while driving. High brightness light of the hood glow lights for the car to attract attention and keep you safe while driving at night, in the rain, or on foggy days.
  • 【Safety and Waterproof】To ensure your safety, the car-led hood lights are designed with low power and built-in short-circuit protection. Because the led strip lights for cars are sealed with flexible silicone, they can function normally in the rain.
  • 【Non-destructive Installation】Please make sure the correct wire is before installation: the red wire of the hood beam light strip should be connected to the ACC(+), while the black wire should be connected to the negative pole or ground. And then peel off the 3M tape and stick the led dynamic light for cars to your hood. When you start your car, you will notice a wonderful flow-light effect.
  • 【Premium Material】The car hood LED light strip is made of silicone, which is flexible and bendable, durable, and difficult to damage. Furthermore, the led hood lights for trucks are constructed with 5050 RGB high-quality lamp beads, which ensures high brightness and long-term use.
  • 【Universal Application】The led flexible light strip is suitable for all cars, can be widely used for SUVs, trucks, vans, and jeeps, and can be installed directly without changing the wiring of the car. If you want, it can decorate any environment.

Car LED Hood Light Strip


1. Confirm the correct wire before installation.

  • The red wire is connected to the ACC(+).
  • The black wire connected to the negative pole.

2. Tear off the 3M tape.

3. Stick the light strips to where you want it

Car LED Hood Light Strip
Car LED Hood Light Strip
Car LED Hood Light Strip
Car LED Hood Light Strip
Car LED Hood Light Strip

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