Car Interior Roof Star light auto inner glow starlight lamp

Light Source: Sunroof film panel ( SLCD )
Feature: Transparent during the day, shows at night
Power: 35w
Display Mode:
Cartographic Technology
Thickness: 0.25 mm / 0.5 mm
Panel General Size: 90*70cm
Fiber head inner diameter: 22mm
Remote: Bluetooth APP
Image Artisan:  Laser engraving technology
Material: Light Guide Film + Heat Insulating Film
Product Description

Car Interior Roof Star light auto inner glow starlight lamp Sunroof light emitter atmosphere illumination lamps


1) New sunroof starry sky film, invisible during the day, does not affect the sunroof view.

2) When night falls, the light automatically senses and presents a romantic starry sky.

3) Made by laser engraving technology, photoelectric technology, superconducting mapping technology, and other technologies, with the function of creating a starry sky atmosphere, comfortable heat insulation and sun protection, safe and explosion-proof.

Main functions:

1. car sunroof romantic ambient light. There is a fully transparent imported light guide plate installed in the film body, making it completely transparent in the daytime. At night, when the headlights are turned on, the starry sky is presented, with strong visual ornamental, creating a beautiful atmosphere in the car.

2, the light source lamp strip produces ultraviolet light, can purify the air, safe and reliable

3. Explosion-proof capability: The film thickness is close to 0.25 mm, which is much higher than the safety of ordinary explosion-proof film and greatly improves the explosion-proof performance of sunroof glass.

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