2 common affordable lights that you can use to custom your cars.

If you’re looking for such items to get a bit taste of customizing your car or make your car look cooler, I would recommend below 2 items for you to start with: LED strip lights & LED neon lights.

What are the differences?

Generally speaking, there’s no big difference between these two, except for the light effect. You can see individual light dots(which are light bulbs) on the LED strip light when it’s illuminated, whereas you won’t see it on LED neon light, because it has better performance at smooth illumination and color consistency (by using more light bulbs). Therefore, the LED neon lights are usually a little bit thicker than the LED strip lights. For you to better understand the difference, please take a look at the pictures below.

Lifespan & durability

Because both LED neon lights and LED strip lights apply LED light source and similar materials ( usually are  SMD LED chip + PVC ) , so they are no much difference when it comes to lifespan and durability. Their common advantages are flexible, waterproof, maximum lifespan up to 50,000 hrs, low power consumption, etc.

Are they easy to Install?

Most products on the market now are equipped with plug&play solution, and they are   linkable with one and another. Once you  mount them well onto the place where you wish to, connect them with the power supply, then you are good to ride your illuminating beast.


  1. LED strip light is slightly cheaper than LED neon light;
  2. LED neon light has better light performance than LED strip light;
  3. They both are flexible and bendable, but LED neon light is a bit thicker

What’s more, we can supply color changing LED neon lights and LED strip lights for you. There are millions of colors available, as well as endless light pattern for your option. If you looking for more products to custom your love car, please kindly contact us.