Improper headlight aiming could lead to terrible consequence. If your headlights aiming to high, you might blind the oncoming traffic, as well as the drivers in front you, because they can’t see the rear mirror. If you headlights aiming to low, you are are able to the obstacles or passengers on your path clearly.

Today we are going to show you a guidance of headlight alignment. We will use a pair of K1 7” LED Jeep Headlight as an example.

Step 1:Level your Jeep.

First we need to make sure the ground is flat and the tire pressure is consistent across all 4 tires. If you have heavy items in your jeep, it’s a good idea to remove them as this can increase the accuracy of your headlight adjustment.

Level your Jeep to increase the accuracy of your headlight adjustment

Step 2: Park your Jeep against a plain wall.

Drive your car as close to the wall as possible. The wall is the best if it is straight and plain white. Then we turn on the low beam of the Jeep Wrangler headlights and use chalk or tape to mark a cross in the center of the light spots on the wall where the left and right headlights are projected.

Park your Jeep against a plain wall

Step 3: Reverse

Reverse the car up to 7.62 meters from the wall, and try to be as straight as possible during the reverse. Once parked, open the hood, at which point you can see six round retainer clips. Remove the front face grille after popping these 6 retainer clips out with a screwdriver.

Step 4: Correct the headlights

After removing the front grille, we can see a screw on the side above the headlights. When we turn the screws left and right, the lights move up and down accordingly. To be precise, when we turn the screw counterclockwise, the lights will face down, and when we turn the lights clockwise, they will face up. After understanding this, we turn on the lights again and look at the light spots, preferably covering one headlight to adjust the other first. We need to adjust the left light so that the center of the light spot is parallel to the X-axis of the cross, and the right side of the light spot is perpendicular to the Y-axis of the cross. Method ideas if adjusting the right side headlights. Please refer to the diagram below.

Correct the headlights

Above is the method to adjust the car lights, if you are looking for high quality 7 inch LED headlights, please feel free to contact us.

7'' LED headlight for Jeep