Heat dissipation has always been a bottleneck in the development of LED headlights, which is determined by the characteristics of the LED itself.

Why Heat dissipation is important to light attenuation?

LED is a light-emitting diode, there’s one thing called PN junction, which has unidirectional conductivity.

At high temperatures, the performance of the PN junction will be weakened, and it is shown in the LED light source that the light attenuation is relatively strong.

Where does the heat of LED headlights come from?

The first source comes from the LED chip itself

The LED headlight source is a form of solid-state lighting.

Due to the basic materials are LED chips,  the chips within the headlight will produce an electro-optical conversion efficiency of about 30% during operation, and the remaining 70% of the electrical energy will be converted into heat.

The second source comes for the driving circuits.

The driving circuit of the LED headlight is to convert the alternating current into a constant current or current-limiting DC power supply suitable for the LED chip.

There are many electronic components inside the driving circuit.These components need to consume power when working, and these are consumed The electrical energy will eventually be converted into thermal energy.

Therefore, if the excessive heat energy cannot be dealt with in time, then when the ambient temperature of the LED lamp exceeds 70 °C, the LED headlamp will experience light decay, or even be burned out.

Why incandescent headlights have a higher temperature than LED ?

The reason why incandescent headlights have a higher temperature than LED headlights is because the electro-optic conversion rate of incandescent light is much lower than that of LED lights.

Incandescent lamps generate light effects through the principle of high temperature heating, so incandescent lamps emit a lot of heat during operation.

If you do not solve the problem of heat dissipation when refitting LED lights, then even if you buy the best LED lights, all the work in front of you may be put into water.

However, many times it affects the heat dissipation of LED lights, mainly the size of the original lampshade of the car.

If the size of the original lampshade is manufactured according to the installation specifications of the halogen lamp, and your vehicle configuration option does not have the option of the LED lamp, then the volume of the halogen lamp is smaller than that of the LED lamp, so During structural design, there may not be much space left for the LED lights to be modified.