HIGLOW  multi-zone control. With more than 16 millions color and 30 preset themes, you can always find the perfect one for your love car.


Sync Light With Music/Speed

Higlow music synchronization function allows the light to dance with the rhythm of any song in the mobile phone or any sound picked by a microphone. In order to maximize the visual effect of automobile lights, our intelligent algorithm dynamically adjusts the volume sensitivity.

Eye-catching Animation Theme

Tired of RGB? Higlow uses chasing or discoloration techniques for all products. Our color designer carefully designed more than 30 preset themes for special occasions for the year for your choice. In addition, you can also design your own theme in conjunction with the speed of the car. Monochrome, RGB, Flash, Breathing, Breathing, what you said, we all have.

DIY light pattern

Higlow gives you incredible freedom that you can DIY any pattern you wish to. Except for adjusting brightness, frequency, rotate direction and color, you can build your own dynamic light patterns using car speed and ride range. Personalization and style is our ultimate goal.

4-zone independent control

The majority controllers can only 1 type of lights and different lights in one color. With Higlow controller, you are able to control maximum 4 type of lights, whether you want them to be the same color or different.

Smart turn & brake sync

Higlow Controller Zone 1 and Zone 2 integrate with the OEM wires on your vehicle. When your vehicle turns or brakes, all the lights will turn into amber or red accordingly.Improve vehicle visibility and allow surrounding vehicles to react quickly.