Global Regulatory Standards To Meet

Never compromise in quality, Qeedon is strict to design and test our products for years to meet the various regulatory standards from all over the world, this is about which are supposed to meet on vehicle lighting locally.

1.FMVSS 108 Standards(DOT)

The FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)108 regulates all lighting, signaling and reflective devices of automotive within the whole United States.

It’s recognized as DOT-compliant no matter when a light meet the standards, which means that it is legal to light it up on-road in the US and Canada.

2.SAE Standards

SAE means Society of Automotive Engineers while SAE International is a standards development organization for the powered vehicles engineering, which includes cars, marines, trucks, aircraft and so on. Widely used in the United States and Canada, the SAE Standards enable to provide industry-approved recommended safe practices. What needs to be mentioned, it doesn’t recognize the ECE approvals.

3.ECE Standards

A few countries are widely covered by Regulations from Transport Division, member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(ECE), often mirror the regulations content into their local requirements or allow the vehicles with ECE approved to be driven and imported.

It’s recognized as ECE compliant no matter when a light meet the standards, which means that it is legal to light it up on-road in the ECE recognized European countries.

4.ECE Certificated

The CE mark means the stuffs meet the requirements of European CE Safety Certification, showing that they are kind to consumers’ safety, health and the environment.

5.UL Certificated

UL(Underwriters Laboratories), an independent certification organization for product safety, deals with product safety items by developing standards and test procedures, also approved for tests by the US federal agency called OSHA who maintains a few approved laboratories for testing, well-known as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.