EMC tests for 7inch LED headlight for Jeep Wrangler

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests for  headlights refers to the comprehensive evaluation of the Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) and Electromagnetic Susceptibility(EMS) for the 7” LED headlights for Off-roads with Qeedon branded.

Major Projects of EMC tests

Radiation EN55011,13,22 FCC Part 15&18, VCCI

Conduction EN55011,13,14-1,15,22, FCC Part 15&18, VCCI

Click EN55014-1

Power Clamp EN55013,14-1

Magnetic Emission EN55011,15

Low Frequency Immunity EN50091-2

Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) IEC61000-4-2、EN61000-4-2、 GB/T17626.2

Radiated Susceptibility(R/S) IEC61000-4-3、 EN61000-4-3 、GB/T17626.3

EFT/B IEC61000-4-4、EN61000-4-4 、 GB/T17626.4

SURGE IEC61000-4-5、 EN61000-4-5、 GB/T17626.5

Conduction Susceptibility(C/S) IEC61000-4-6、 EN61000-4-6 、GB/T17626.6

MS IEC61000-4-8、 EN61000-4-8、GB/T17626.8

DIPS IEC61000-4-11、 EN61000-4-11、 GB/T17626.11

Harmonic IEC61000-3-2、EN61000-3-2

Flicker IEC61000-3-3、EN61000-3-3

EMC of Component Level & of the Vehicle Level

OEM Vehicular lighting manufacturer like Qeedon focuses on testing only the lights at a component level, which is ensured that the vehicle won’t be the victim of EMI failure caused by the lights or interfere with other electronic parts of the vehicle.

To meet regulatory requirements, OEM lighting manufacturers then test at a vehicle level.

Standard Products & Customized Products

At Kindle Industry Ltd, we develop and manufacture both standard lighting products and customized lighting products. For our own-branded lighting products, we’ve built a seizes of high-level regulations based on which we develop and test for EMC. For customized lighting products, we design, test and produce the products based on the exact specifications of the customers. If EMI specification isn’t provided, we’ll offer a list of industrial standards for checking and approving we start the project.