Does it suggest a defect when condensation inside the LED headlight?

 It doesn’t suggest a defect when condensation inside a headlight, for which is a natural condition that could affect the light when a leak occurs. Instead of water ingress, there wouldn’t be significant system failure. So, this is intended to help users to recognize differences between condensation and water ingress and what measure should be taken if needed.

Condensation is liquid water formed from vapor when ambient temperature increases, which appears as some small droplets of moisture inside the 7inch LED headlight.

Under normal operation of the 7” LED headlight, condensation wouldn’t lead to serious system failure and won’t be considered as a defect or one of the warranty conditions. Actually, 7inch LED headlights manufactured by Qeedon are allowed the moisture to escape without reentering, but if wants the moisture to evaporate, it takes time which is up to the on or off of the headlights.

Condensation is made due to the situations as followed virtually:

  1. During manufacture process, the air is trapped into the headlight.
  2. Moisture in the air is absorbed into the plastic parts of the raw materials used.
  3. The plastic parts release the moisture absorbed from the air when a headlight heats up.
  4. Moisture is attached to the coolest parts of the headlights, such as the PC outer lens.
  5. More time is needed for evaporating than that needed to produce enough heat of the LED headlight.

However, water ingress is obviously visible when there is a leak between the housing and the outer lens of the LED headlight for water to pour in, which is described as large water drops.

It’s one of the warrantable items when water ingress was caused by some faults in workmanship. In such events, please contact us to arrange a return.