Even though LED car lights have many advantages,the heat dissipation is still an issue.

Now, there are 3 types of heat dissipation method for LED headlight: fan cooling, copper tape cooling, and pure aluminum cooling. Do you know how to choose the right one for your car?

My explanation below is only based on personal understanding and is for reference only.

Now we know the mainstream structure of automotive LED headlights on the market: with fan structure, copper belt heat dissipation structure, and pure aluminum heat dissipation structure!

In fact, here are no right or wrong in these three cases, they are designed only for one purpose: To dissipate heat! This is the essence.

One of the biggest problems with LEDs, especially automotive lighting, is heat dissipation! If the heat dissipation is not reasonable, everything else, such as brightness, is empty talk. These three structures are also structures for heat dissipation!

There are three basic theoretical methods of heat dissipation: 1: conduction 2: convection 3: radiation.

Regardless of the fan’s heat dissipation, copper belt cooling or aluminum cooling is required for the first conduction.

The heat generated by the LED lamp beads is first transmitted to the bottom of the headlight. Fan replacement allows hot air to convert and increase heat dissipation.

If it is a copper strip and pure aluminum, it can only rely on the copper strip and pure aluminum to radiate heat.

Of course, these three structures cannot say who has good heat dissipation and who has bad heat dissipation, and there is one of the biggest problems in car lamp replacement.

For easy installation, the size must not be too large. If the size is large, it’s easy to dissipate the heat, but it is not easy to install.

After all, the LED headlight are changed according to the power meter. If the heat dissipation is not reasonable, the headlight will be attenuated and the brightness will be attenuated.

The above analysis can only be used as your reference. Fan cooling can basically take into account conduction, convection and radiation. Copper strips and aluminum parts can only conduct and radiate heat.