Atmosphere lights simulate home lighting, making the car a second living room in a true sense.With the development of the Internet of Things and 5G technology, we have reason to believe that the vehicle network will also make great progress in the future.

So what are the development trends of ambient light for cars? Hereby provide my point of view for your reference :


Different lighting effects, such as single, multicolor, rhythmic;

Ambient light can be controlled by multiple channels such as voice, gesture and touch;

The ambient light judges the driver’s mood and fatigue through facial monitoring, and adjusts the light by itself;

Different driving modes display different light colors and brightness. For example, family mode, conference mode, entertainment mode, rest mode, parking mode and so on;

Intelligent emotional communication

The design of future car lights will pay more attention to intelligent and emotional communication. The atmosphere lights will gradually create a “user-centered” design concept, thereby creating a more warm and harmonious atmosphere in the car.

Security and safety

Too many ambient lights in the car can easily affect normal safe driving. So we need to make some adjustments to the ambient light according to different scenes. Make corresponding adjustments in different vehicle states, driving modes, navigation, weather changes, and other scenarios.


The future development of atmosphere lights will become more and more intelligent and humane. High-quality automobile atmosphere lights have become a design element that cannot be ignored in the field of automotive interiors. It will be more and more applied to ordinary car series and become the standard equipment for cars.

As the second living room of human beings, the ambient light will become more homely and more comfortable;

The atmosphere light is more than a single form, it will combine more interaction methods, such as voice, gestures, etc. to achieve multi-channel interaction;

The setting of the atmosphere light will become more and more humane. It will actively adjust the atmosphere light according to different scenarios and different states of the user, or realize the communication with people through the form of group words;

That’s all for now. We have developed an APP controller for automotive lighting, except for ambient lights, it can also other lights in the vehicle such as headlight, wheel light and more. Moreover, users can choose different modes we prepare for them can DIY their own light effects in any way they want. If you’re agree with our opinion and want to explore the market in this field, please contact us for more details.