What happens if the LED car light source doesn’t dissipate well?

At present, LED car lights are more and more widely used. Many car light manufacturers use LED headlight to replace traditional halogen headlight and xenon headlight. Although LED headlights have many advantages, many car owners have expressed concern about the heat dissipation of LED headlight. So what are the consequences of poor heat dissipation?


For LED car lights, heat dissipation is the top priority. Poor heat dissipation will have a series of adverse effects on the use of car lights. For example, an LED light source converts electrical energy into a light source, but not all electrical energy can be converted into a light source, which must comply with the law of conservation. If it is excess electrical energy, it may be converted into thermal energy.

If the heat dissipation structure of the LED headlight is not designed properly, it will not be able to quickly remove the excess heat energy, which will cause overheat within the headlight and shorten its lifespan.

2.Material quality decline

If the LED car light source is overheated and cannot remove the heat, these materials will be repeatedly oxidized by high temperature, which will cause the quality of the LED light source to decline.

3.Electronics failure

The temperature of the LED car light source gradually rises, the greater the resistance will be, the more current draw will be used, the higher temperature will be. Therefore the overheated light source will damage the electronic components and lead to malfunctions.

4.Deformation of headlight materials

In fact, we also encounter many such things in life. For example, when an item encounters extreme hot temperature, it will slightly deform, and the same is true for LED car light sources.

The LED light source is composed of many materials. When the temperature rises, the thermal expansion and contraction of each part will be different, so it may cause the distance between the two originals to be too small, and then squeeze each other, causing deformation and damage.

LED car light source is still very necessary to dissipate heat. In the future, LED light source heat dissipation technology will be more mature, so that LED headlights can get rid of the trouble of heat dissipation.