It’s well-known that technology tends to move faster than regulations can catch up. However when it happens on car lighting, this absolutely matters. A great amount of fresh and innovative auto parts and accessories

Developed by car manufacturers and aftermarket specialists are not available within the US for the slow changing pace of relative regulations. Therefore there are some aftermarket automotive accessories are only permitted to use while not driving on the public roads.


Multi-colored Headlights

Under some situations, colored headlights that can be usually seen at automotive shows are prohibited to use on streets. Provided less visibility, headlight colors except white and amber are not accepted to use on the roads. However is it saying that you will say Goodbye to the headlights with multiple colors while you driving on the American roads? Actually No! It could be perfect when your colored headlight have a white lighting setting(DRL) that available for on-road driving and dynamic color chasing to display in a parking lot or somewhere downtown.


Strobe Brake Signal Lights

In Europe and Asia, brake light of some cars are designed to alert the on-coming drivers to sudden stop ahead for safety. When a driver applies more pressure abruptly to brake, more than lighting up, the brake signal will strobe flash for extra visibility. However, in the United States, strobe lights are only allowed on other parts of the car, but for brake signal lights, they can only be solid lights.


Dynamic Lights

In Europe, car manufacturers like Audi, BMW have taken huge strides in developing headlight technology to be legally used on the road. For example, the Dynamic high beams enables to recognize which car is approaching and dim only the LED bulb flashing into the car, which need no more switching the high beams off and on whenever a car passes. Someday, this light technology will be approved for use in the USA.

Dynamic Lights