Why my headlights are not as bright as before?

Causes of dim headlights

There are usually three reasons for the decrease in brightness.

1. the accumulation of dirt on the diffuser glass or the reflector of the lamp.

Solution : The dirt can be cleaned with a velvet cloth or lens paper.

2.The battery is getting weaker. The headlight can not have enought light output due to insufficient power supply.

Solution : Replace a new battery.

3.The wires are aged or too thin, which increases the resistance and affects the power supply. This situation not only affects the performance of the headlight, but also it can even cause a fire due to overheat.

Solution : Replace new wires.

3-reasons-that your headlight is getting darker-4
3 reasons that your headlight is getting darker-2

Check the LED headlights in timeis very important

Check the LED headlight lens for cracks.

Although the surface cracks will not affect the lighting performance, moisture will penetrate the lamps along the cracks, reducing the service life of the headlight. The calibration of the headlight light direction should not be ignored. In order to ensure driving safety, the headlight must be able to provide good forward lighting for the driving vehicle.

How to avoid LED Headlight getting dim?

Avoid water in the headlights

When the car is driving, the water splashing from the front will generally have no effect on the lights. However, using the high-pressure water gun to wash your vehicle does affect, because

the plastic used in the fixed installation position of the headlight can only be dust-proof, not water-proof.