Although LED lights are becoming more and more popular, many people still have misunderstandings when choosing lights. Today let us look at 10 common mistakes.

Mistake 1: The higher the lumen of the car lights, the better?

The lumens of the headlights should be within a certain reasonable range, too dark and too bright will affect the driving vision. The gap between the lumen value of LED lights on the market is large, because some businesses on the market will falsely label the lumen value, or theoretical lumen value of the lights instead of the actual lumen value. The key is to look at the actual demand. Generally, a lumen value above 4000 is sufficient for daily needs.

Mistake 2: LED headlights are almost the same?

The quality between a good and a bad headlight differ in light type, life, heat dissipation structure, and materials used. Although it’s hard to tell the difference by the look,but the actual use and life difference are very large, you’ll always get what you paid for. It is recommended that when choosing a car light, try not to choose a cheap LED car light. In addition to the long service life of the car with quality assurance, the night light is also better, which is conducive to improving driving safety and will not blind the oncoming traffics.

Mistake 3: Must all the LED headlight equip with lens?

This depends on the structure of the original lamp. Under normal circumstances, the high-beam headlights are not equipped with lenses. If your original headlights have already installed lenses, you only need to install the LED headlight bulbs. If it is a light assembly like Qeedon, you can replace the assembly, because the light itself has a lens installed.

Mistake 4: Do LED headlights need ballasts?

The ballast is an indispensable accessory part in HID. The main function is to instantly raise the original 12V voltage to a high voltage of 23000V. Using this high-intensity voltage to activate the HID bulb produces strong light between the two poles, so that the bulb reaches high brightness illumination. The principle of LED and xenon lamp is different, so there is no need for ballast.

Mistake 5: Car LED lights do not need to be decoded?

Although the LED is started at a low current, it does not interfere with most cars, so it is usually not necessary to install it. However, for some car systems with detection power, the driving computer system will detect anomalies after installing LED lights. At this time, a decoder needs to be installed.